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Using its depth in engineering, environment, finance, and management, ATC offers a wide array of services to clients wanting to implement or operate their industrial projects in Thailand.  ATC Industrial Projects segment is divided into four sections:

  • Investment & Project Implementation
  • Safety Projects
  • Packaging Projects
  • Commercialised R&D


ATC assists clients develop their investment and project implementation strategies to successfully execute their projects in Thailand.  ATC range of investment and project implementation services include:

  • Project Structuring
  • Company Registration
  • Government and Board of Investment (BOI) Approvals
  • Tax Incentives (Board of Investment)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Clearance Certificate (Department of Environment)
  • Joint-Venture Partner/Distributor Screening
  • Industrial Site/Office Selection
  • Suppliers and Contractors Selection
  • Plant Commissioning and Staff Training
  • Material, Manpower, and Machinery Requirement Planning (MMM-RP)

"Safe Life and Property, Save Time & Money, Safety First Healthy Work"

ATC Safety Consulting Services extend to both industrial and non-industrial projects such as commercial buildings and complexes, traffic and transportation, ports, airport terminals and hangars, and public sites.  ATC range of services in safety projects include:
  • Conceptual Design & Review
  • Planning and Supervision of Construction and Installation
  • Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning
  • Safety Audit, Inspection, and Evaluation
  • Fire and Accident Investigation
  • Safety Training & Exercise
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (Safety Segment)
  • Insurance Claim & Premium Negotiation
  • Occupational Safety and Health Assessment
  • Evacuation Plan and Disaster Assessment
  • Safety Work Permit and License Application
  • Air and Ventilation Safety Design Aspects
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Inspection and Certification issuing of Fire Alarms and Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Safety Inspection of Production Equipment and Hazardous Material Handling and Transportation Equipment as Required by Government Agencies and Insurance Companies

"Better Packaging, Better Marketing"

    Packaging is the marketing media between product and end-users

    Packaging is an integrated knowledge of science and arts.  Amongst other things, it is used for holding and protecting the product, extending product shelf life, a marketing tool, and in many cases building an environmentally friendly image.

    ATC has developed a strong expertise in packaging and offers with the assistance of key strategic partners packaging consulting services in the following areas:
  • Market Requirements, Government Regulations, and FDA Compliance (CE-Marking, Eco-Label, Eco-Mark, Eco-Smart, Green Dot, ISO)
  • Material Design Selection, Labelling, and Testing
  • Equipment Selection and Plant & Process Layout
  • Studies on the Specific Application of Packaging Material and Machinery
  • Food Packaging Information File for Small and Medium Size Enterprises
  • Packaging Training to Government Officials and Small and Medium Enterprises Involved in Agro-Processing


    ATC was originally called Approtech Corp. Ltd. when the company was first founded in 1982.  ATC main objective at the time was to develop new products, processes, and machinery for commercialisation purposes using its own capacity and resources.  Over the years, ATC lent its facilities and resources to serve clients who wanted to conduct R&D activities and run pilot plant projects in Thailand.  These developments led ATC to devise and operate pilot scale production projects and monitor and test local produce, seafood, and insects for food and pharmaceutical purposes.  Nowadays, ATC leads, conducts, coordinates, and advise on R&D projects including testing and development for new products, processes, machinery, and pilot plants at client facilities, research institutes, or university laboratories.

    Since 1995, ATC has taken over from Approtech and has thrived to continue the R&D development and commercialisation work undertaken by the former company.  Today, ATC range of services in commercialised R&D includes the following:
  • Conduct New Product Research and Development
  • Coordinate R&D Project between Foreign Donors and Local Institutes
  • Design, Locate, Test, and Monitor Pilot Plants and Experimental Crops
  • Implement Operating Cost Reduction Measures and Quality Control Procedures


Recent industrial projects assignments completed by ATC:
  • Investment & Project Implementation
    • Mediate between European Company and Local Partner on Issues Relating to their Joint Venture Agreement
    • Assist a British Company Establish its Manufacturing Plant in Thailand. Comprehensive Feasibility Study and Project Implementation Work Include: Market Survey and Distribution Channel Analysis, Production Cost Analysis, Manpower Qualification, Preparation of JV Draft Agreement, Supervision of Plant Construction and Installation, Employee Recruitment
    • Acting as Project Coordinator on Several Projects between Overseas Clients and Local and Provincial Governments, BOI, and Local Communities
  • Safety Projects
    • Review Conceptual Design, Plant Lay-out, and Safety Aspects of Oil Splitter Plant and Truck Terminal of a Petrochemical Plant
    • Conduct Fire Accident Investigation for Insurance Company
    • Conduct Safety Construction Management, Commissioning and Training for Airport Hangar
    • Conduct Safety Supervision, Commissioning, Training, and Exercise for Six Liquid Petroleum Gas Depots
    • Conduct Safety Supervision, Commissioning, Training, and Exercise for Gas Separation Compressor Station
  • Packaging Projects
    • Complete Packaging Information File for Small and Medium Agro-Processing Industries
    • Packaging Waste Management Consulting for Thai Products Exported to the EU
    • Cost and Benefit Analysis for In-House Manufacturing versus Outsourcing of Corrugated Box
  • Commercialised R&D
    • Project Coordinator to Local Research Institute to Facilitate the Commercial Development and Manufacturing of Rice Bran Extrusion Stabiliser
    • Given the Mandate to Design, Fabricate, and Operate a Pilot Plant Including R&D Work for Fermented Technology to Produce Fermented Dried Bamboo Shoot for Export Purposes
    • On Behalf of a Foreign Client, Conduct Pilot Scale Growth of Ark Shell to Measure the Feeding Needs, Growth Rate, Production Capacity, Production Cost, and Yields of this Type of Sea Shell under Typical Local Weather Conditions
    • Design, Fabricate, and Test a Metal Crate and the Jig and Fixture Needed to Assemble It.  The Metal Crate is Designed to Pack Rubber Sheets for Export to Tyre Makers in the USA, Japan, and European Countries.  Assist with Sourcing Partners in Indonesia to Establish a Similar Metal Crate Manufacturing and Assembly Plant
    • Set Up a Grasshopper Pilot Farm to Collect Data on Grasshopper: their Life Cycle, Rate of Production of Manure, and Quality of Manure Based on Feed Intake and Age Group.  Upon Positive Results Obtained from The Pilot Farm Study, a Manufacturing Plant for the Making of Traditional Stomach Ailment Medicine Using Grasshopper Manure is Set Up
    • Design, Fabricate, and Operate a Protein Enriched Cassava Pilot Plant Used to Convert Cassava Chip and Waste of Low Protein Content into High Content Protein Enriched Cassava Suitable as an Animal Feed Ingredient.  Upon Positive Results, a Commercial Plant is successfully Built and Brought into Operations.

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