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  • Incorporation
    • APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANT CO., LTD. (ATC) was founded by Mr. Kieng Mekvasedpun in 1995 to maintain the consulting services to all clients of APPROTECH CORP. LTD which was also owned and managed by Mr. Kieng Mekvasedpun from 1982 to 1995.
  • Mission
    • With a unique blend of industrial and business intelligence experience, ATC aims at providing the best and most appropriate consulting services to clients interested in entering or expanding their business in the Thai market.


  • Managing Director: Kieng Mekvasedpun
    • Diploma in Industrial Engineering from Chulalongkorn University and Certificates in Technology Transfer and Public Fire & Hazard Allaying
    • Over 25 years experience providing consulting services and business intelligence to multinational corporations, government agencies, and international organisations
    • Involved in key functional roles as export manager, technical manager, and plant manager in various industries including diesel engine manufacturing, mineral processing, pharmaceutical, and handicrafts
    • Youngest member ever to be elected as Bangkok Cooperative Representative in 1972 and first to be selected and receive "The Best Cooperative Member" award given by the Cooperative League of Thailand in 1990
  • Director: Malee Mekvasedpun
    • MA Social Sciences & BA in Commerce from Thammasart University
    • Over 20 years experience in business administration, marketing and sales, and market research. She was also a university lecturer for 8 years
    • Prior to joining ATC, managed Thai-German Agricultural Extension Project, was a lecturer at Foreign Language University in Seoul, South Korea, and worked as Marketing Manager for New Era Co., Ltd., an assembler of Ford automobiles
  • Business Development and Project Manager: Germain Bergeron
    • BSc in Chemical Engineering and Graduate Studies in Asian Management
    • 8 years experience in business development, engineering, and business intelligence
    • Prior to joining ATC, worked as a process engineer, IT consultant, and business development manager
  • Senior Consultant: Pat LeamCharaskul
    • BSc in Chemistry
    • Over 15 years experience providing consulting services and industrial market intelligence to multinational corporations, government agencies, and international organisations
    • Prior to joining ATC, worked as a technical sales director for a large petrochemical multinational and was a university lecturer
    • Provide in-depth industry expertise in agrochemical, chemical, information technology (hardware and software), petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and polymer related activities
  • Senior Consultant: Pornthip Mekvasedpun
    • BSc in Acounting from Chulalongkorn University
    • Over 25 years industry experience in accounting, cash flow management, and credit and financial assessment
    • Prior to joining ATC, she worked with Saha Union Public and Thai Financial Trust Public companies
    • Strong expertise in the construction equipment, electronics, jewellery, packaging, plastic, and steel industries
  • Other Staff:
    • Two full time Analysts with over 5 years of experience doing industrial market research
    • Two Support Staff providing market research services
    • Over 15 Associate Consultants providing insights on specific industrial sectors on a per project basis
    • ATC has also several strategic alliances with local and international partners in market research and industrial projects consulting


With a unique blend of industrial and business intelligence experience, ATC offers a comprehensive range of services to companies interested in entering or expanding their business in the Thai market.   ATC services are custom tailored to clients specific needs and requirements.

ATC services are split in two key strategic business segments consisting respectively of three and four sections each.

  • Business Services
    Includes services pertaining to the gathering and assessment of market intelligence to assist companies develop an effective business development strategy to enter or further expand their business in the Thai market.
    • Business Development Strategies:
    • includes identification of business opportunities, preparation of feasibility studies, screening of local partners, negotiation of agreements, and office representation & follow-up
    • Industrial Market Research:
    • one of the core businesses of ATC comprising of market studies and related services including competitive analysis, product evaluation, distribution channel analysis, diversification & acquisition analysis, technical translation
    • Technology Searches & Assessments:
    • ATC surveys given industry sectors to identify and evaluate possible partners for licensing agreements, joint ventures, and technology transfers
  • Industrial Projects
    Using its depth in engineering, environment, finance, and management, ATC offers a wide array of services to corporations wanting to implement or operate their industrial projects in Thailand.
    • Investment & Project Implementation: includes project structuring, company registration, joint-venture partner/distributor screening, government and Board of Investment (BOI) approvals, industrial site selection, suppliers and contractors selection
    • Packaging Projects: provides in-depth market studies and consulting services in packaging including material and manufacturing equipment selection, laws and regulations, standards, environmental impact assessment, life cycle analysis, and packaging waste management and fee
    • Safety Projects: extends to both industrial and non-industrial sites and includes a wide spectrum of services such as conceptual design & review, safety audit, fire and accident investigation, training and exercise programs, safety work permit and license application, occupational safety and health assessment, environmental impact assessment, preventive maintenance, and insurance claim & premium negotiation
    • Commercialised R&D:
    • leads, conducts, coordinates, and advise on R&D projects including testing and development for new products, processes, equipment and machinery, and pilot plants at client facilities, research institutes, or university laboratories


  • ATC experience in Business Services & Industrial Projects extends to the following sectors of the Thai economy:
  • Agribusiness & Agrochemicals Handicraft
    Animal Feed Jewellery
    Automotive Assembly & Parts & Components Machinery & Power Tools
    Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering Medical Equipment & Plastics
    Boat & Ships (Sail/Power) Metal Tools & Fabrication
    Chemicals, Coatings & Additives Mining & Mineral Processing
    Computer Peripherals Oil & Gas
    Construction Equipment & Materials Packaging & processing
    Dairy farming & Products, Livestock Petrochemicals & Plastics
    Electrical Equipment & Appliances Pharmaceutical & Health Care
    Electronic Components & Materials Rubber Material & Products
    Energy & Power Telecommunications
    Environmental Business & Technologies Textiles
    Fisheries & Seafood Transportation
    Food Processing


  • 4 Main Groupings
    • Private and Public Corporations from Asia, North America, and Western Europe
    • International and Regional Market Research and Consulting Firms
    • Government Departments and Agencies, Research Institutes, and Universities
    • Private and Public Organisations, Trade Associations, and Chambers of Commerce
  • Selected Clients for which ATC completed assignments directly or as an affiliate:
  • Overseas Corporations Thai Corporations
    Allied Signal Chokchai Tapioca Industry
    Care-Pro Industries Italthai
    Dale Electric International Loxley
    Dow Corning Marsun
    Dupont Mass World
    Essex International Pido International
    Exxon Saha Union
    FMC Scandinavian Yacht Thailand
    JGC Corporation Shell Thailand
    Jin Yang Industries Suzuki Cholburi
    Latrobe Taniyama Thailand
    Lucky Goldstar Group T.C. Rubber Industry
    Nokia Thai Airways International
    QPF Thai Bamboo Grass
    R&H Thai Bamboo Product Industry
    Sealed Air Thai-K. Metal Plating
    Zeneca Thai Petrochemical Industries

    Market Research and Consulting Firms
    Advance Technology Engineering
    Associated International Engineering
    Consultant of Technology (COT)
    Professional Consultant and Management (PC&M)

    Government Departments and Agencies, Research Institutes, and Universities
    Board of Investment (BOI)
    Department of Army Engineering, Ministry of Defense
    Department of Export Promotion, Ministry of Commerce
    Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Industry
    Department of Pollution Control, Ministry of Science, Technology, and Energy
    Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University
    GTZ, Germany
    Korea Institute of Science and Technology Research (KAIST)
    Microbiological Science of Kasetsart University
    Thailand Institute of Science and Technology Research (TISTR)

    Private and Public Organisations, Trade Associations, and Chambers of Commerce
    Appropriate Technology International (ATI)
    Federation of Thai Industries (FTI)
    German-Thai Chamber of Commerce (GTCC)
    New Energy and Industrial Development Organisation of Japan (NEDO))
    Population and Community Development Association (PDA)
    Thai Packaging Center, TISTR

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